Ban Koh Pu School, Krabi, Thailand


The Art Carousel today was visiting Ban Koh Pu School. It´s located 9 km from Ban Koh Jum School, on the northern part of the island. It´s hidden away in the jungle and rubber tree forest, beside Koh Pu Mountain.

The crew today was Nadine, my friend from last time, Stefen Holst, a German photographer and myself.

We had 6 kids from each grade from 1st -4th grade, but this time we made an appointment for the afternoon. Our translator was the English teacher of the school called Da. She was an excellent helper.

We met in a half open air hall, where there was a big painting on the wall, a lot of chairs in stacks, big posters and tables. In the end of the room there was a fossil of a dugong.

So we started at 1 pm. After the usual introduction of the project, the students started drawing and painting their thoughts of Shongkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration.

In the middle of the session, Da told me that these children actually never attend this celebration, as it´s a Buddhist event and not Muslim. Ban Koh Pu School is Muslim, except a pair of sisters. Therefore the children draw what they see on the island when their Buddhist friends celebrate it, what they hear about it or what they see on TV. So the drawings represents Shongkran as they get to celebrate it.

The children had great time even though they were tired after lunch, in the afternoon.

The exhibition occupied them, they were talking and laughing a lot. The new pictures talk for themselves. 25 living and colourful pictures of 25 proud young artists.

This session was also a milestone in The Art Carousel´s history as it was the last one for this time. All in all a wonderful experience which soon will be shared with some people in Denmark, Europe and who knows where else? 😉


The Art Carousel has reached its goal which was, making children communicate with each other weather they are from Europe or Asia. A lot of smiles have been generated, and wonderful pictures created. I feel pleased being the mailer of these pictures and I was carried them happily in my backpack. It was a big honour being the link in between these children, countries and religion: Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim.

The schools who had attended in The Art Carousel 2018:


– Haahrs Skole, Svendborg, Denmark

– Mitraniketan, Vellanad, Kerala, India

– Pushkar Public School, Rajasthan, India

– Shri Krishna Public School, Rajasthan, India

– Ban Koh Jum School, Koh Jum, Thailand

– Ban Koh Pu School, Koh Pu, Thailand.

Three countries, 6 schools, 157 pictures.



I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody, to all the schools, pupils and teachers for their cooperation.

Special thanks to:

– Haahrs Skole, Svendborg for sponsoring the project with drawing equipments, which could been given to the schools as a thank you for their attendance

– Students from the study group “Art without borders” at Haahrs School for the inspiration to develop the idea.

– Brian Østergaard, Rikke Haugaard and Györgyi Csató for their input.

– Martin Denda, my artist friend and working partner at Pushkar Public School and Shri Krishna School (

– Nadine Giering-Jänsch for assisting at Ban Koh Jum School and Ban Koh Pu School

– Stefen Holst for the amazing photos at Ban Koh Pu School

– Mike Kristensen and Nicole Stuerm for the enormous help with the homepage

And everybody else.



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