Two schools in Pushkar

My Art Carousel round-trip does continue to Pushkar, North-India, Rajasthan. This time I will cooperate with a friend of mine Martin,  who is a circus artist. (

We have contacted two schools in Pushkar.



The concept this time has changed a bit into the following circumstances : all the students of the schools are attending, not only 25 from different grades as before.

At Pushkar Public school, what we have visited on 20th of January there ware around 200 kids. We asked all of them to get together at the school yard.


First of all they were watching Martin’s amazing clown show,  than  started drawing the show. This time they used their own materials what they felt comfortable and confident with. As they picked their own materials it was a good example our cultural differences.


The second part of the concept was the following :

This time the young folks made a drawing of a recent memory instead of an old one. 

They had about one hour to draw, than we picked the best 25 to start the exhibition.  

This way of interaction between us and a children felt perfect because there was a good balance with giving and taking. Our impression is also that it was more satisfying for the children because they also got some quite time to reflect about the clown show as a happy moment.


Pushkar Public School



Shri Krishna Public School

On 22 January we made the same project at Shri Krishna Public School which was a wonderful experience.



I wish the Art Carousel could continue this way, but now I’ll continue on my own in Thailand. 

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