Mitraniketan Part 2

The second part of The Art Carousel workshop was held on th 3rd of January 2018.

First we were planning holding it on the 1st of January, but many of the students weren’t back from their yearly visit from their parents house. Usually they only meet their parents once or twice a year, so it was totally understandable.

We held the workshop in the afternoon on the 3rd of January.

Beautiful surroundings, nice kids and same as the last time, we were all excited.

We started with a short introduction of the project where I had Sethu by my side again.

It was a pleasure.

The drawing part was easy for the kids and they created some very nice drawings. The coloring part was challenging again because of the introduction of the technique.

The result was still amazing, but I’m considering changing the materials for the next time.

But then the idea about giving all kids in all countries the same materials would fail, we shall see.

It was again a big pleasure making art with the kids at Mitraniketan.

The exhibition went very well, they enjoyed seeing the pictures from Haahrs Skole and they were talking and laughing a lot.

So I’m absolutely satisfied: we brought some happy moments in their lives already. 🙂

Next stop is most likely going to be in Pushkar which is in the Rajasthan province.




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