The december artists

The day of starting the project in India has finally arrived. I was so lucky that some of the kids were staying in Mitraniketan during their Christmas holiday.

With Sethu, the principal of Mitraniketan, by my side as a translator, we have completed the first part of the project in Mitraniketan with students aged between 5 to10 years old, on the 30th of December 2017.

We choose the location called Children’s Corner which the kids normally use for watching TV and for celebrations as it connected very well to the theme

‘Celebrations-how do we share happy moments’.

We’re all excited and the children started the lesson with praying. Afterwards, there was an introduction about our self and the project before they started drawing. Sethu was an excellent translator.

The kids were familiar with the drawing part, since they have art classes of 45 minutes, twice a week.

The painting part was more challenging since many of them haven’t been painting with gouache before. After they got used to it, they enjoyed making the lines and mixing the colors.

Some of the children required more guidance than others, especially the small ones as they spent a lot of time on thinking about how to make their picture .

It took 2-3 hours, no rush, Indian style.

After each kid was finished we took a group picture of everybody holding their art work in their hands.

The favourite part, the one i enjoyed most, was seeing the kids happy as they had the chance for participating and the glass of fresh coconut water I got served while teaching.

They were thankful and helpful, also with the cleaning up part.

On Monday the 1st of January 2018 we’re going to continue in Mitraniketan with 14 more kids.

The exhibition of the Indian and Danish pictures will take place in the afternoon of the 1st of January 2018.

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